Non-Conventional Therapeutics

Non-Conventional Therapeutics (TNC) are practices based on philosophical approaches that are different from conventional medicine which apply specific diagnostic processes and therapeutics.

  • All professionals with a provisional license for Acupuncture are hereby informed that, until 20/08/2023, the application for converting the professional license is available in the personal area of the TNC Platform (click here). Only professionals who have completed complementary training in universities that offer degrees in Acupuncture should complete this application.
  • As of 27th of November 2020, payment for professional licences or other declarations regarding non-conventional therapeutic areas will only be made through Single Billing Documents. For this purpose, after submitting the request on the platform, the applicant will receive an e-mail, within 24 hours, with the necessary data to make the payment of the requested documents. This payment can be made in ATMs, Internet (through your bank’s online service) or branches of credit institutions that are members of the State Billing Network.

    After payment, the respective proof must be attached, in the corresponding field of your query page, available on the platform. Applicants who have paid through Bank Transfer, and who haven´t yet attached proof of payment, must do so on their query page, in the corresponding field. Note: The Single Billing Documents, as well as other information related to the process, will only be sent to applicants who have confirmed their e-mail address.

  • According with paragraph 3 of article 19 of Act No. 109/2019, of 9th of September, and in agreement with the information provided by universities that offer degrees in Osteopathy and Acupuncture, the deadline for submitting applications for professional licenses in these areas, under the Transitional Provision, is closed (Osteopathy closed in 08/07/2020 and Acupuncture in 20/08/2021). All requests for a professional license, submitted under the Transitional Disposition until the date indicated above, will be evaluated by the Non-Conventional Therapeutics Working Group.
  • Fixation of Credits
    Applicants holding a provisional license will be notified of the assigned score in due time.
  • For more details regarding provisional licenses, please find the Frequently Asked Questions (see the tab below).
  • Following the evaluation of applications for professional practice, those with a score of less than eight (8) points, will be submitted to a professional evaluation interview, under article 5 of the Order No. 181/2014, of 12th of September. The jury is made up of experts designated for this purpose.
  • According with the legislation in force, to apply for a professional license in one of the TNC areas (except for homeopathy) you must have an official degree in agreement with the article 5 of Act No. 71/2013, of 2nd of September. Nonetheless, applicants who meet the requirements set by Act No. 109/2019, of 9th of September, which amends Act No. 71/2013, of 2nd of September (Article 19), may also do so. All requests must be made through the platform made available for this aim.

    After submitting the request, the access credentials to the personal area will be sent by e-mail.

  • Is hereby published the list of professionals of Non-Conventional Therapeutics, who have been assigned a professional license, up to the present date, to practice under the terms of Act nº 71/2013, of 2nd of September:
    List of TNC professional licenses issued.
    List of TNC professional licenses issued (New platform).

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