Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technicians

The professions in the areas of diagnostic and therapêutic are regulated by Decree-Law No. 320/99 of August 11 comprise the activities contained in the annex to Decree-Law No. 261/93 of July 24, and use of scientific-based techniques for the purpose of health promotion and prevention, diagnostic and treatment of the disease  or rehabilitation.

The professions develop in functional complementarity with other professional health groups, with equal dignity and technical autonomy of professional practice.

Regulate the exercise of professions contained in Decree-Law No. 320/99, of August 11, the following entities:

  1. Profession of DIETITIAN- Order of Nutritionists;
  2. Profession of PHYSIOTHERAPIST – Order of Physiotherapists;
  3. Other professions – Central Administration of the Health System, I. P. (ACSS).

With regard to the professions under this ACSS, if you have:
– Obtained your professional qualifications in Portugal, you can immediately request your professional license and registration in the public registry, through the form itself made available on this site.
– Obtained your professional qualifications outside Portugal, you will have to apply for recognition of your professional qualifications and, if it is approved, you can apply for the issuance of the professional license and registration in the public registry. Both requests must be made through their own forms made available on this website.

WARNING: If you wish to practice as a Physiotherapist in Portugal, you should contact the Order of Physiotherapists, the national authority competent to regulate the exercise of this profession since December 14, 2021.


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