Centres of Reference

The working group established to study the setting up of the network of centres of reference, namely its concept, criteria for identification and recognition by the Ministry of Health, as well as their implementation, financing models and integration in the hospital network and in the European reference networks, presented its final report on the 4th of April 2014.

This report led to the publication of an Administrative Rule n.º 194/2014, of 30th of September, amended by the Administrative Rule n.º 195/2016, of 19th of July, which establishes the concept, the process of identification, approval and recognition of the national centres of excellence for the provision of healthcare, namely for diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases. Subsequently, through the Order of the Minister of Health n.º 13163-C / 2014, of 29th of October, the National Commission for the Centres of Excellence (CNCR) was later constituted, amended by Decree n.º 10563-A / 2015, of 21st of September11648-B / 2016, of 27th of September, n.º 2714/2018, of 6th de March and n.º 29/2019 of 18th of December, which works with ACSS.

Together with other institutions of the Ministry of Health, ACSS provides technical and scientific support to this Commission, currently chaired by Prof. António Ferreira.

In 2015, the priority areas were determined and published in Order n.º 235-A / 2015, of 7th of January, modified by the Order of the Assistant Secretary of State to the Ministry of Health n.º 2999/2015, of 24th of March. The areas for 2016 are defined in Order n.º 9415/2016, of 14th of July.

For further information regarding the Centres of Excellence, please consult the NHS website.

Mapa nacional com identificação dos Centros de Referência aprovados 2016