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Victor Herdeiro is the new president of ACSS

Victor Herdeiro was appointed the new president of ACSS, according to the Order No. 2810/2021, of 16th of March. With a law degree, with a specialization in Hospital Administration, the new president was previously the vice president of the Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation - AICIB.

ACSS coordinates Portuguese representation in European joint action on care integration

ACSS was the chosen institution to represent Portugal in the Joint action on implementation of digitally enabled Integrated person-centred CARE-JADECARE, a project started on the 1st of October, involving fifteen European countries.

NHS´s healthcare services with positive results in 2019

The data published in the NHS´s Annual Healthcare Access Report, shows that 2019 was a positive year as to the citizens' access to healthcare provision.

Long-Term care with a best response in 2018

In 2018, there was an expand in the number of hospitalization beds, with an increase of 4.2 per cent over the previous year, not including Mental Health.

Increase of 3400 workers in the NHS

In 2018, the National Health Service (NHS) totalled more 3.403 workers (+2,6 percent) than in the previous year, reaching a total of 135.401 workers.

2018 health care access report presents positive perspective in the NHS

The NHS activity in 2018 shows that its performance continues to evolve positively, namely in the primary, hospital and long-term care.
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1.424 newly recruited professionals for NHS hospitals

A joint order from the Ministries of Finance and Health authorized the celebration of permanent contracts with 1.424 workers for the NHS, namely nurses, technical assistants and operational assistants.

NHS increases its healthcare activity in 2018

The National Health Service registered an increase in healthcare activity in 2018, as a direct result of the growing demand of its citizens and the investment made in the recruitment of more healthcare professionals.
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