Victor Herdeiro is the new president of ACSS

Victor Herdeiro was appointed the new president of ACSS, according to the Order No. 2810/2021, of 16th of March.

With a law degree, with a specialization in Hospital Administration, the new president was previously the vice president of the Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation – AICIB.

Victor Herdeiro chaired the board of directors of the Local Health Unit of Matosinhos, having also been part of the National Commission for the Development of Outpatient Surgery. Previously, he was a hospital administrator at Hospital Geral de Santo António and Hospital Infante D. Pedro – Aveiro.

Joana Carvalho, Sandra Brás and Tiago Gonçalves were designated for vice president and executive members, respectively.

Published on 17/3/2021

imagem do post do Victor Herdeiro is the new president of ACSS