Increase of 3400 workers in the NHS

In 2018, the National Health Service (NHS) totalled more 3.403 workers (+2,6 percent) than in the previous year, reaching a total of 135.401 workers. The professional groups with the largest increase were nurses (+1.373), doctors (+682) and operational assistants (+423). These are some of the conclusions of the 2018 Ministry of Health and NHS Social Report recently published.

This report is an annual publication of the Ministry of Health, which allows a thorough analysis of the human capital in the NHS and Ministry of Health, the second largest employer of Public Administration, accounting 27 percent of all civil servants.

In 2018, in addition to measures such as the reversal of remuneration cuts and the increase of the guaranteed minimum monthly salary to 580 euros (+ 23 euros), the strengthening of the NHS human resources continued, mainly through the recruitment of healthcare professionals, the reduction of regional asymmetries by improving healthcare coverage in peripheric areas and full recoverage of payments due for extra work.

In medical training there were the highest numbers of inscriptions in specialized training with 1.758 medical interns placed (+84 than in 2017) and the increase of new doctors who completed specialized training – 1.445 trained doctors (+178 than in 2017). Internal medicine (+57 doctors) and general practice (+49 doctors) were the clinical areas with the highest growth.

The average retention rate in NHS of newly trained doctors who completed medical internship during the past year stands at 83 percent. Noteworthy are the specialties of general practice, internal medicine, general surgery, anaesthesiology and paediatrics with retention rates between 78 and 91 percent.

In 2018, 881 workers retired – operational assistants (361) and doctors (277) were the professional groups with the highest number of retirements.

Personnel expenses amounted to 4.065 million euros, an increase of 5.8 percent over 2017.

Published on 10/10/2019

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