Brazilian Secretary of Healthcare meets with ACSS

A brazilian delegation headed by the Secretary of Healthcare, Francisco de Assis Figueiredo met on 22 june 2018 with the president of the Executive Board of the Central Administration of the Health System (ACSS) to discuss issues related the National Health System (NHS), present a diagnostic of the portuguese population in terms of health needs and the main challenges the portuguese NHS is currently faced with.

The meeting also focused on the National Network of Long-Term Integrated Care, particularly on its evolution since 2006 until nowadays and its intital planning, a network that witnessed a significant evolution towards a more complex model, aiming at promoting autonomy, rehabilitation and readaptation in family and social contexts.

The long-term care sector is currently acquiring full attention by the brazilian authorities taking into consideration the ageing of the country’s population on a medium term.


Published on 22/6/2018

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