More than 700 participated in the best practices forum

The best practices forum, which took place on the 27th and 28th of February, in Lisbon, brought together more than 700 people interested in discussing good practices already in place in the NHS´s hospitals.

The success of this forum, organized by the ACSS (Central Administration of the Health System) with the collaboration of the  National Association of Hospital Managers (APAH), was due to the varied range of topics and to the panel of more than 60 speakers and moderators. The program included the following key note speakers: Manel Santiñà, president of the Spanish Society of Quality Assurance, Agnès Couffinhal, senior economist of the OECD Health Division, Arne Björnberg, president of the Health Consumer Powerhouse and Constantino Sakellarides, coordinator of the strategic support group of the Ministry of Health.

Plateia do evento

During the event, several subjects were addressed, for instance the major challenges of the hospital reform process and the improvement of internal organization and management model, through more autonomy and accountability.

Mesa com presidente e vogal da ACSS                                                     President of ACSS José Carlos Caiado (in the center) and Ricardo Mestre,
                                                                   member of the executive board of ACSS (to the left)

In the final balance, presented by the president of ACSS, José Carlos Caiado, it was highlighted the importance of an intelligent hospital management, the implementation of a national quality strategy, the need for greater involvement of professionals, and the continuity of a digital transformation through the development of more robust information systems. Ii was also emphasized the outcome achieved by the Free Access and Circulation of patients in the NHS, implemented in June 2016, where more than 300 thousand people (or 10,8 percent of all hospital appointments requests) have already used it, by choosing another hospital than the one of reference.


Published on 14/3/2018

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