Hospital Administrators

Employees of the hospital administration career are definitively placed in health establishments staff lists. The management of the career is a responsibility of ACSS, regardless of hospitals and services under the Ministry of Health where they work. The legal status of the hospital administration career is determined in Decree-Law n. 101/80, of 8 May, as amended by Decree-Law n. 178/87 of 20 April.


This career is regulated for workers with an Employment Contract in Public Functions


The specific tasks of this career are developed in Table II, annexed to Decree-Law n. 101/80, of 8 May, following a tender procedure, on a secondment basis.

Concerning framework, the career is developed by the following categories: 4th grade administrator; 3rd grade administrator; 2nd grade administrator and 1st grade administrator, and the recruitment will operate through the category of 4th grade administrator, under tender documentary procedure, from:

Graduates with a degree in Hospital Administration at the National School of Public Health (Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública)
Graduates with Hospital Administration diplomas obtained in foreign schools, with equivalence through an order of the Minister of Health, under proposal of ACSS, and favourable recommendation of the National School of Public Health (Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública)


In order to fill a secondment for places in Table II, it is necessary, for the purpose of the tender procedure, to verify the correspondence between the degree held and the place of hospital administrator desired, as indicated in the table below.

Places in Table II
1st Grade Administrator General Administrator
2nd Grade Administrator 1st Class Administrator
3rd Grade Administrator 2nd Class Administrator
4th Grade Administrator 3rd Class Administrator



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