Senior Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technician

The career of a senior diagnostic and therapeutic technician is regulated only for workers with legal relationship of public employment, through an Employment Contract in Public Functions (CTFP).

Although the career of a senior diagnostic and therapeutic technician for workers with an employment contract (CIT) has not yet been regulated, under the terms of the Labour Code, all diagnostic and therapeutic technicians who work in NHS health facilities are subject to the current legislation that defines legal career regime of health professions, other labour legislation, as well as mandatory procedures on professional titles, instruments of collective work regulation and internal regulations.

The two regimes can coexist in the same institution, namely in hospitals of the entrepreneurial public sector (EPE), although they imply different employment regimes, in terms of qualification requirements, functional content, remuneration, levels, remuneration positions and its amendment. The individual performance evaluation system is applicable in both regimes.

In the performance of their duties, senior diagnostic and therapeutic technicians act in accordance with clinical indication, pre-diagnosis, diagnosis and investigation or identification process, and they must design, plan, organize, apply and evaluate the work process within the scope of their competences, with the aim of promoting health, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration.

Recruitment procedures, regardless of the legal nature of the working relationship to be established, although they are not subject to the same regime, they must always be based on the adequacy of the professionals to the tasks to be performed.

Recruitment procedures must comply to the principles of equal opportunities, impartiality, good faith and non-discrimination, as well as publicity, so as to enable a better and faster management of human resources.

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