Professional Registry of Podiatrists

ACSS provides a form for assignment of professional cards.

Law n. 65/2014, of 28 August defined the regime for access and practice of this profession, whether or not for profit, as well as the issuing of its professional title.

In accordance with the legislation, in order to access the profession of Podiatry you should hold a degree in this field, following a study cycle registered under the law and recognized as suitable for that profession, by order of the member of the Government responsible for the health sector. These conditions are also applicable to those who have qualifications or academic degrees obtained outside Portugal, after acquiring recognition / equivalence.

The Orders N. 121/2015 and 122/2015 of 4 May and Order N. 186/2015 of 24 June stipulate the study cycle, the card model with the professional title of Podiatrist and the fee due for the completion and updating of the professional registry of Podiatrists.

The practice of the profession, in national territory, depends on registration in the professional registry and possession of the respective valid professional title, which competence belongs to ACSS.


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