Special Reimbursement Regimes of Medicinal Products

The special regime for medicinal products reimbursement (RECM) predicts two forms of co-payment:

According to the beneficiaries

The reimbursement provided to beneficiaries depends on income, in accordance with the article 19, of Decree-Law n.º 48-A / 2010, of 13 May, which stipulates that “State reimbursement in the price of medicines included in level A, is increased by 5% and in levels B, C and D is increased by 15% for pensioners whose total annual income does not exceed 14 times the guaranteed minimum monthly payment stablished or 14 times the value of the index of social assistance in force, when it exceeds that amount “. The total income corresponds to the result of the division of the income of the household by the number of members of that household, under the terms established in Decree-Law n.º 70/2010, of 16 June.

Depending on the pathologies or special groups of patients

Reimbursed medicinal products based on pathologies or special groups of pateints are listed at INFARMED wep page, the National Authority of Medicines and Health Products, at http://www.infarmed.pt/web/infarmed/infarmed .