Additional Health Benefits

Additional health benefits, established for beneficiaries holding the elderly solidarity supplement, was created in 2007, by Decree-Law n.º 252/2007, 5 July.

The main purpose is to fight challenges related with aging population, increasing chronic and disabling diseases among the elderly, with an impact on the costs of medicines and other health and maintenance products such as eyeglasses and dental prostheses.

The risk of poverty is high among the elderly, especially with those living isolated, and the additional health benefits is an instrument of social justice.

This system works in the form of reimbursement to beneficiaries, as a result of a link between the Social Security Financial Management Institute (Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security) and ACSS (Ministry of Health).
The Additional Health Benefits allow the reimbursement of health expenses in the purchase of:


medicamento oculos protese


Financial participation of 50%, regarding the share not reimbursed by the State.

Eyeglasses and Lenses

Financial participation of 75% of the
expenditure, up to a limit of 100,00 € for a two-year period.

Repair of removable dental prosthetics

Financial participation in 75% of the
expenditure, up to a limit of € 250, for a three-year period.